About Us

Ohana Sushi Biography

The word "Ohana" not only means "family" but also "To share", and Ohana Sushi is based mainly on these two concepts, where in our cozy and traditional space you can enjoy and share with your loved ones our delicious dishes.

Although Ohana focuses on Japanese fusions, it incorporates ingredients and personal techniques at the same time transforming these traditional fusions into an explosion of culinary flavors that will make your experience truly unique. Our dishes, in addition to being prepared with love, have the best quality and freshness of our products.

We have a wide and exquisite menu that includes a vast variety of roles, hot dishes, salads and desserts. We also have a menu of wine, cocktails and other drinks with which you can accompany these delicious dishes.

Each member of our team will make you live a memorable gastronomic experience. Come share with us and be part of the Ohana family!